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Knjiga UMETNOST KRAŠENJA KRUHA je nastajala najdlje. Imela sem jo v mislih že pri pisanju 1. knjige Drožomanija, ki je izšla že 2017. Čeprav sem ves čas razvijala svoje tehnike krašenja kruha, sem dala prednost drugi knjigi Slana in sladka drožomanija.

V prvih dveh knjigah te naučim peči izvrstne slane in sladke drožaste dobrote.

S tretjo knjigo pa usvojiš različne tehnike krašenja svojih dobrot, naj bodo pripravljene z drožmi ali kvasom.

mojstrica drožopeke in avtorica 2 knjižnih uspešnic


Najboljša knjiga o kruhu 2019*


Najboljša knjiga o kruhu 2021*

*Gourmand World Cookbook Awards – oskarji kulinaričnih knjig

As Delicious as Bread and Beautiful to Boot

I first started decorating bread in 2012, quite soon after I had first embarked on my sourdough baking journey. The first form of bread art I turned to was bread scoring and as time passed I dipped my toes into other baking techniques described in this e-book as well.

Anyone can learn to bake beautiful boules and battards, regardless of how complicated doing so might seem at first glance. 

This is why in this e-book, I guide you through each process step by step in written, visual, and video form. The QR-codes you will find in this e- link you to a secret corner of my website where you  register and gain access to all 25 video companions that I have filmed exclusively for this e-book.

Let the beauty of your freshly baked loaves shine through in unique artistic ways and wow your loved ones, friends, and coworkers. 

A beautifully decorated loaf that is lovingly made and beautifully packaged is a gift that will never be left to gather dust. I guarantee it!


What will you find in this unique e-book?

20 written

and visual bread art tutorials, arranged by difficulty

5 ways

of gift-wrapping bread compatible with various bread decorating styles

More than 220

stunning photographs shot by Nik Jarh in collaboration with the stylist Barbara Remec

All the fermented

tips and tricks that I have learned in my 9+ years of baking experience

The light and stunning

graphic design created by the internationally acclaimed designer Petja Montanez

The step by step tutorials

on shaping a boule and a battard and 2 basic recipes (suitable for both sourdough and yeast).

Tips and tricks

on baking and cooling bread

30 motifs

and patterns for scoring a loaf/battard

A chapter entitled

More Breadspiration where I showcase other incredible bread artists on Instagram that I have been following for years


on how to take care of bannetons and what to do if you don't have one

36 motifs

and patterns for scoring a boule

25 videos

on decorating and gift-wrapping bread


Master 5 Bread Decorating Techniques and How to Combine Them


Stenciling is the easiest bread decorating technique. I will teach you how to create your own stencil as well as the common household items you can use to decorate your dough. In this e-book you will find 3 types of stenciling described step by step and accompanied by all the tips and tricks you need to know to keep your motifs sharp, clear, and long-lasting.


Transform your dough into your own personal canvas. This chapter contains everything you need to enjoy this form of breadart, from which colors to choose to how to apply them to your dough.


Toppings are a great, quick, and easy way to spice up your loaves. In the e-book you’ll find ideas for creating fantastic motifs of all shapes and sizes and ideas on what you can use to depict them. Plus, you’ll get a very special recipe to create the strongest Sourdough Glue that will really help you get a grip on your toppings. I also demonstrate 6 different ways of decorating your dough with toppings in both written and visual form.


This sharp looking artistic doughmain is the most common method of decorating bread. So I found it only fitting that the art of bread scoring takes up the biggest portion of the e-book. In this chapter I teach you how to tell if your dough is sufficiently proofed, how deep your cuts should be, at which angle you should hold your blade, and how to prevent your bread from bursting at the seams and destroying your design in the oven. Plus, I’ve included 6 different scoring patterns, described step by step in both written and visual form.


In this chapter I teach you how to decorate your loaves with dough ornaments and flowers. You will find out how to use a special decorative dough to make ornaments, which flowers work best for bread decoration and how to dry them to preserve their vibrancy, as well as how and when to apply decorations to your dough. Then we learn how to make a flower basket for your loaf.


The right sequence of steps is crucial when combining techniques, and we tackle it in this chapter. By guiding you through making and baking a boule adorned with a sunflower and the portrait from the cover art, I will show you the best sequence of steps for combining the techniques that you’ve mastered throughout the e-book.

Have a glimpse in the book content

Get creative with 5 different ways of gift-wrapping bread accompanied by instructional videos

Buying the e-book also grants you access to all its video tutorials

To allow your bread art to truly shine , wrap it in creative and unique ways. You can achieve incredible results using items and ingredients you already have at home. 

All the decorating techniques in this e-book are super simple and that’s exactly what makes them so heartfelt, charming, and beautiful. 

Bread makes the perfect gift, so this year you can surprise your loved ones with decorated loaves, be it with sourdough or yeast.

Posebna ponudba samo v prednaročilu

Omejena količina z darili do izida 15. 12. 2021.

Omejena izdaja na voljo samo zdaj
(le 50 kosov)

66 € namesto 96 €

Vrednost daril: 50 €

*Pod ‘Opombe naročila’ navedi, za koga je posvetilo, zate ali za koga drugega. Podpisana knjiga je na voljo samo pri omejeni izdaji.


Knjiga, šablona klasja in črni kakav BAM (le 100 kosov)

49 € namesto 64 €

Vrednost daril: 15 €

Knjiga in šablona klasja
(le 200 kosov)

44 € namesto 50 €

Vrednost daril: 6 €

Knjige in vsi ostali artikli, naročeni v prednaročilu, bodo odposlani, ko bo knjiga Umetnost krašenja kruha izšla, kar je predvideno po 15. 12. 2021. Če želiš naročiti knjigo za božično ali novoletno darilo, bo knjiga pravočasno dostavljena na izbran naslov.



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Customer reviews

SOURDOUGH MANIA is a wonderful e-book on baking without yeast written by Anita Šumer. Instead of using yeast, you can use a piece of your dough to raise your bread. This bread “starter” can be handed down through generations. A BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL e-book, a truly stunning legacy. A wonderful GIFT for friends, family, or complete strangers who would be interested in seeing and learning one of the most beautiful bread baking traditions. THANK YOU FROM MY HEART, dear ANITA, you wonderful magician!
dr. Manca Košir
We won’t be baking bread “the old fashioned way” but rather using traditional bread baking methods to unlock modern innovative ways of creating culinary masterpieces. Anita Šumer’s e-books are a testament to this fact as they expand the traditional uses of a sourdough starter from making different types of bread to creating floury masterpieces such as pastry, focaccias, and many more. This e-book challenges our modern culinary efforts by leaning on cultural heritage and giving our region the cultural recognition that will help solidify its identity in the world for years to come.
prof. dr. janez bogataj
Ever since I bought your first e-book we no longer buy bread at the store, because I love baking it myself so much. Industrially produced bread can’t compare to its sourdough counterpart. Sourdough is delicious, healthy, and always gone in the blink of an eye. My compliments to the chef!
Anita’s courses are always something truly special. Her energy and her love of sourdough is addicting and makes you want to start using a sourdough starter as well. Her carefully thought out baking steps, recipes, and tips guide you to creating delicious bakes that you are proud of by the end of each course. I’m not a beginner to sourdough, but I learn something new and incredibly useful every single time I attend a course!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course it is. If you like beautiful things, light, and art and if you love expressing your creativity through arts and crafts, then this e-book is perfect for you.

This e-book is a wonderful kitchen companion that will help you elevate your bread baking skills to the next level, I guarantee it!

This e-book is right for you if, like me, you believe that we don’t only eat with our mouths but with our eyes as well. If you see that homemade bread makes a wonderful gift, especially when you know how to decorate it. If you believe that bread art will fill your kitchen with more love and respect for the bread and baked goods you serve to your guests. 

Then this is a e-book that you simply must have at home. 

It is a visual work of art and it would be a shame for you to miss out on having it on your e-bookshelf.

Upon registering on my website, you gain access to all the video tutorials of each technique linked in the e-book, a collection of gift cards that you can print out, customize, and tie to your bread art. Plus, you receive a special picture frame that you can use on your photos and share them on social media.

Anyone who is already familiar with bread baking. Any SourdoughManiac you know.. Any baker in general. Anyone who loves arts and crafts.

You can also order this e-book as a gift and have it sent to an address of your choosing.

Of course! This e-book isn’t intended only for those who bake with sourdough but for everyone who enjoys baking and wants to learn something new, different, and innovative.

Yes. You can use all the techniques discussed in this e-book even if you are baking gluten free bread.

When reading this e-book, you will certainly get the urge to start baking it. You can also gift this e-book to a baker and keep your fingers crossed that you receive a decorated loaf in return. This e-book makes a beautiful gift that will come in especially handy in the upcoming holiday season.

Yes, you can. The stencils will be available for purchase in my store on December 20th, after the e-book preorders close. You will be able to buy a bundle of 6 stencils. However, the stencil that you get as a gift if you preorder the e-book won’t be available after this offer expires. The stencils are my gift to you, so they will only be available as part of this exclusive offer.

That’s sourtastic! Send me an email to with your order details Please do not forget to include all the relevant information about your company and the number of e-books you wish to purchase so that we can prepare a special offer for you.

tudi jaz rada podarjam...

zato bom od vsake prodane knjige namenila 2 € Inštitutu Lunina vila. …


“Lunina vila, Inštitut za zaščito otrok, so. p., je zasebna, neprofitna organizacija v Sloveniji, katere poslanstvo je zdravljenje in preprečevanje travm pri otrocih (zlorabe, zanemarjanje, spolne zlorabe, smrt bližnjega, dolgotrajna bolezen, imigracija …). Lunino vilo vodi prepričanje, da lahko z nudenjem varnega, sočutnega in prijaznega okolja, otrokom, ki so doživeli kakršno koli obliko travme omogoči, da premagajo njene negativne posledice in iz nje zrastejo v zdrave in srečne mladostnike in kasneje odrasle osebe.”


O avtorici

Sem mednarodno uveljavljena mojstrica peke z drožmi, avtorica knjižnih uspešnic Drožomanija in njenega nadaljevanja Slana in sladka drožomanija. Moje poslanstvo je širjenje ljubezni in strasti do boljšega kruha in drugih drožbrot po Sloveniji in svetu ter moto ”droži v vsako drožino”. 

Brez droži mi živeti ni, zato si želim, da tudi tebe zagrabi drožomanija! Tako nas bo čim več jedlo boljši kruh! 

Moj Instagram sourdough_mania je pritegnil pozornost številnih tujih medijev ravno zato, ker je bil moj kruh drugačen, lepo okrašen s šablonami, zarezami, poslikavami. Ker je bil dober kot kruh in lep kot slika.

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Nancy Stewart

Courses in the book

basic level

Fames velit molestias facilisi aenean, sunt, aenean maiores facilisi, parturient adipiscing architecto mi frin.

elementary level

Fames velit molestias facilisi aenean, sunt, aenean maiores facilisi, parturient adipiscing architecto mi frin.

intermediate level

Fames velit molestias facilisi aenean, sunt, aenean maiores facilisi, parturient adipiscing architecto mi frin.

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Nancy Stewart

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