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Thorough but easy to follow video course about making a Sourdough Starter from scratch – using only flour and water. Step by step instructions to make it a succes on your first try! 
Perfect for total beginners who have never baked with sourdough and also for more experienced bakers.

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Did you know that my first starter died?

Maybe it was a lack of patience and not such thorough instructions that I followed back then.
But I didn’t give up! My second one is now very much alive and has been with me since 2012. I named him Rudl and he is one of my best friends.

Overwhelming questions about sourdough starter answered in this course! Not only about how to take care of it, but about what’s gone wrong and how can you save it from dying!

Never struggle with your starter again!

I believe that with the right information and knowledge from my 10 years’ experience, detailed guide and support from me, you can make a succesful first starter and bake yummy sourdough treats.


What is a Sourdough Starter? 

Sourdough starter is a natural leavening culture. It is a simple mixture of flour and water and once it’s combined it begins to ferment cultivating the natural yeast found in our environment. 

Starter is used for Sourdough Baking – either any type of bread with any type of flour or sweet snacks like brownies, pancakes, cookies etc. It depends on how much or what type of bread you would like to bake but only a small portion of starter needs to be added to make the dough rise. For example, for a bread loaf made with 300g of flour we need about 30-100g of a bubbly and active starter.

Sourdough Starter simplified; Starter is used instead of commercial yeast. It makes our baked goods healthier, more nutritious, easier to digest, and overall better for us.

What will you get in this course?


  • Easy to follow and to understand video instructions 
  • Lifelong accessible material so that you can always refresh your knowledge
  • Detailed instructions split into 9 videos so that you will be able to follow through them and master starter preparation with absolute ease
  • Bonus recipes
  • Simplified explanation about sourdough starter maintenance
  • Exclusive bonus tips&tricks and techniques that will help you unlock the full sourdough starter potential from the world’s best seller author

You will learn:


  • How to make your starter from scratch using only water and flour
  • How to use your starter for sourdough baking
  • What kind of flour is best to use
  • All about the activation of the starter
  • 7-day process of making a starter
  • Why it is so important to give your starter a name 🙂

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