3. 3. Characteristics of gluten-free flour

The name says it all. There’s no gluten, no extensibility nor elasticity in the dough. It usually soaks up more water. Choose a high quality organic flour for your first starter and not store bought flour mixtures with different add-ins. Make sure it’s really finely milled. Perhaps consider purchasing your own stone mill. So your flour will always be as alive as possible and super finely milled. Make sure the stones in your mill were tested at the factory with gluten-free grains if you’re celiac. 

FERMENTED NOTE #1: In the case of celiac disease, use labeled gluten-free ingredients and be mindful of cross-contamination with foods, and ingredients containing gluten. 
FERMENTED NOTE #2: White or brown rice flour can also be used for making a gf starter. Be mindful it soaks up more water than millet flour.

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