5. 11. Scoring

When the dough has risen aka the content of the banneton has increased and become puffy and spongy, it’s time for the next step. 

You need to score the dough before baking to enable the built in gasses to escape and don’t let the dough find its own weak spot. Before you score your dough, dust it a bit so you’ll glide the blade easier over it.

Gently stroke it too. 

For decorative scores, make sure your cuts are shallow, just a millimeter or two deep. 

To create an ear, score the dough under a 45-degree angle.

FERMENTED TIP #1: Don’t be afraid to cut the dough, be brave. The depth should be at least 1 cm for an ear. For easier scoring, check my handmade sourtastic scoring knife, click HERE.

FERMENTED TIP #2: To turn your bread into an art work, check my award-winning ebook devoted to different bread art techniques. Find yours HERE.

FERMENTED TIP #3: You can also decorate your dough with stencils before you score it. Find a set of 6 durable proprietary stencils HERE.

FERMENTED TIP #4: If your dough is overproved, you can score it quite deep, thus you’ll prevent the huge hole under the crust.

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