This video contains a short and sweet explanation of what sourdough is and why it is a better choice for baking bread and other baked goods. 

FERMENTED NOTE #1: The gluten degradation applies only to flours containing gluten. In the case of gluten-free flours, this doesn’t apply. However, the starches get degraded, making the dough easier to digest. While baking, starch also becomes unavailable (resistant starch), and the baked goods don’t spike your blood sugar levels as fast as no-sourdough products.

Sourdough Mania book is meant for baking with gluten flours, it doesn’t contain gluten-free recipes. This video course however is completely devoted to gluten-free baking.
FERMENTED NOTE #2: In the case of celiac disease, use labeled gluten-free ingredients and be mindful of cross-contamination with foods, and ingredients containing gluten.

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