3. 10. Day 4 Copy

Remove almost everything from the jar and use it in the pancakes recipe. Leave a minimum amount in the jar, just tiny remnants on the bottom. Then add 15 g of water, 20 g of millet flour. Mix well, clean the sides. Cover, and leave at room temperature.

FERMENTED NOTE #1: The starter can have a bad/unpleasant smell in the first few days. Just keep on going. If it smells sour or like acetone, this is ok at the beginning. Later on, we’ll resolve this issue with the SOS step. In the first days we want the good lactic acid bacteria to colonize the starter. They create an environment where only good yeasts thrive. 

FERMENTED NOTE #2: If the mixture has a really bad smell on day 4, then the portion used for pancakes can be discarded. You can dilute it and water your plants.

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