3. 4. What flour starts the fastest

From my experience, millet is the fastest, then buckwheat (which tends to get a pinkish shade, but this is normal), then corn. Others report a quick start also with teff. When you start with one type of flour, use it also for later feedings. Don’t change your starter’s diet  But you can use one starter for all types of bread and other treats.

FERMENTED NOTE #1: In the case of celiac disease, use labeled gluten-free ingredients and be mindful of cross-contamination with foods, and ingredients containing gluten. 

FERMENTED NOTE #2: White or brown rice flour can also be used for making a gf starter. Be mindful it soaks up more water than millet flour.

FERMENTED NOTE NR. 3: Pinkish coloring on the surface of buckwheat flour occurs due to oxidation. You can remove the outer/top layer, and discard it in compost. Feed the rest.

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