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Gain a comprehensive set of skills about gluten-free sourdough starters - these are essential for starting to create 100% gluten-free sourdough delicious treats in your own kitchen. 🥳

Prepare it once and keep it forever.
Step by step in less than 5 minutes a day.

Prepare it once and keep it forever. Step by step in less than 5 minutes a day.

(by the proven recipe of world-renowned sourdough master Anita Šumer)

100% natural, from trusted ingredients

Divinely unique taste and dough quality

Secret tips and tricks from 12 years of sourdough practice

Savings on ingredients (almost nothing goes to waste)

Clear and detailed high-quality studio recordings

Watch the video and discover how you can start making eternally perfect gluten-free sourdough today.

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The exceptional value of my sourdough baking skills and products has been recognized by:

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buyers of the best bread book "SourdoughMania" in 6 languages
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It has inspired thousands of sourdough enthusiasts who now bake better gluten-free bread (and other sourdough goodies).


You’re dealing with health issues that require you to avoid gluten (celiac disease, allergies, gluten intolerance, thyroid problems, Crohn’s disease, etc.).

You’re choosing a different and healthier lifestyle or diet that excludes gluten.

You prepare food for a family member who has had to give up gluten.

You want to learn sourdough baking (even if you have no prior experience), aiming to bake better and healthier bread and pastries.

You want to refine your sourdough baking skills and take them to the next level.

You love 100% natural baked goods made from trusted ingredients that you can quickly prepare in the comfort of your home kitchen.

You find it easier to follow practical and short step-by-step video instructions than recipes from books.

Baking gluten-free sourdough treats can be truly simple and quick once you learn the correct process for preparing perfect sourdough starter!


Nowhere near what I had hoped for...

I started baking with sourdough in 2012—out of pure love. 💓

At that time, my husband had his gallbladder removed and could no longer eat bread made with yeast.

He experienced bloating and a host of other digestive issues – from a heavy stomach to gas and general discomfort.

I began searching for other ways to bake bread.

I researched online and tried different methods.

Then, I remembered that my grandmother, with whom I often spent holidays, baked bread a little differently. 💡

After each baking session, she would save a bit of dough, dry it, and store it for next time.

Of course, my grandmother was baking with sourdough! 🤗

I decided to give it a try and follow her method.

And that’s where things got complicated…

My first sourdough starter died.

I didn’t know how to take care of it or how to feed it.

Determined to succeed, I prepared a mixture for a new starter.

This time, I took a more strategic approach.

I went to the miller and bought freshly milled flour.

I filtered the water and prepared my second starter…

… which survived—a success in itself! 🥳

Imagine my excitement!

Although my first bread was sour and dense as a rock…

…and a lot of them were flat like pancakes… 😅

…my heart leaped when I saw the sparkle in Sašo’s eyes as he finally enjoyed fresh homemade bread instead of just suffering from its enticing aroma. 🥰

Bread that wasn’t just edible, but more nutritious and easier to digest for him.

And later, when I mastered the process, it became divinely fluffy, crispy, delicious, and healthier! 😋


were necessary for me to discover how to make sourdough treats that delight the taste buds with every bite.

How is that possible when it’s just a mix of flour and water, right?

Maybe it sounds very simple.

But here’s where it gets tricky…

The mixture of flour and water ferments only if they’re combined in the right ratio and under the right conditions (like temperature).

And it does matter which flour you use.

I admit, in my quest to find the perfect mixture, I overcomplicated things a lot.

For too long, the sourdough ruled our home.

I became its slave.

I got up at impossible hours.

And went to bed far too late. 🥱

All just to take care of it.

I have 10 years of testing and countless mistakes behind me.

I learned everything on my own.

When I was starting, I wished I had someone to present all the proven methods to me on a silver platter.

This would have saved me from all the failed attempts and frustration.

But in the end, my efforts paid off richly! 🎉

This has brought me to the point where it takes just…

a maximum of 8 minutes of hands-on work…

…to prepare delicious pizza, bread, or focaccia.

With my unique recipe for gluten-free sourdough, people are now baking delicious and healthier pastries from India to Jamaica.

I’ve conducted over 150 live workshops in more than 14 countries worldwide.

And now, I want to teach you the express and simplified way of sourdough baking too. 🤗

What if you already have experience with sourdough baking, but things went wrong?

I know all too well how frustrating and disappointing it can be to waste expensive ingredients.

Feeling angry, frustrated, and a bit incapable because your sourdough starter failed just when you wanted your home to smell like fresh bread over the weekend. 🥹

Let me reassure and encourage you to try again – this time with my guidance!

I promise to share all the secret tricks, tips, and rich experience from my 12 years of sourdough practice to ensure your sourdough starter succeeds!

You’ll avoid my mistakes and progress at lightning speed.

Perhaps you’re just starting and wondering what sourdough is?

Simply put, sourdough is a natural leavening agent – a mixture of flour and water that ferments over time.

Half-jokingly, I like to say that yeast is a substitute for sourdough.

Not the other way around. 😉

Sourdough can be used anywhere you would use yeast.

But I use it also for cookies, shortcrust pastry, phyllo dough…

Anywhere there’s flour, I try to sneak in some sourdough starter.

Can you imagine the masterpieces you can create in your kitchen?

Let me introduce you to the ultimate sourdough knowledge package - the only one you’ll ever need...

Unlock the hidden potential of fermentation and use it to create savory and delicious sourdough treats - tastier, healthier, and packed with nutritious ingredients. For you and your whole family.

With your purchase, you get instant and lifetime access to over 15 high-quality studio videos, where you will discover:


How to start preparing gluten-free sourdough starter (step-by-step, in 5 days with less than 5 minutes of your time each day)


Secret tips and tricks from 12 years of sourdough practice to ensure your starter succeeds (avoid my mistakes and progress quickly)


Specific instructions on how to care for your starter (so it’s always in good shape for your baking)



How to use it in gluten-free baking (all done in the simplest way possible)


The famous SOS step to easily overcome any challenges (once you master this, everything else is a breeze)


Why it’s important to name your sourdough starter! (and no, it’s not what you think…)


What tools you need (you probably already have everything in your kitchen)


The specifics of gluten-free flours (which ones start the fastest and how to use them in baking)


The conditions for your sourdough starter to thrive (the right temperature and the type of water to use)


How much starter you need to keep in the jar before feeding it (you can use it over and over again)


This offer is available at such an affordable price for a limited time because I want to make sourdough accessible to as many people as possible. Check if the link to the cart still works and go ahead and complete your purchase.

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Gift #1.

Secrets of Master Paul LeBeau on the benefits of milling flour and using a mill


➤ Secrets of milling flour (and the benefits it brings).
➤ How to use a home mill.
➤ Which ingredients can be milled (and which are not advisable to mill).
➤ How to mill different grains correctly.
➤ Why to roast grains before milling.
➤ What ratios to use when baking with flour.

Paul LeBeau, the #Mockmill Man!, encourages everyone to get the most out of their grains.

Gift #2.

Chris Stafferton’s Gluten-Free Protocol for Celiac Disease Patients


➤ Why regular store-bought gluten-free bread is not the best choice for you.
➤ What to consider if you have been diagnosed with celiac disease.
➤ What 100% gluten-free truly means.
➤ How to ensure a clean and safe environment (to prevent cross-contamination).

Chris Stafferton, the #BreadArchitect, a celiac himself and author of a bestselling cookbook.

Gift #3.

PDF Guide to Your Perfect Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter

If you prefer a written format, print the instructions and keep them by your side at all times.

Gift #4.

Answers to the Most Common Challenges

A list of the most common questions and answers from my students about the sourdough starter and how to care for it. There is surely no question this course won’t answer for you.


For extra delight, I’ll send you an additional recipe for something sweet and well-fermented – to show you just how versatile sourdough can be. This is one of the most popular sourdough treats (WARNING! Once you try them, there’s no going back :)).

Gift #5.

A recipe for delicious gluten-free sourdough pancakes


Blow away doubts once and for all -
no more guessing how and what!

Join thousands of people across the globe who are already happily baking sourdough bread with this unique recipe. Let your gluten-free baking rise to perfection!


Step 1: Get Acquainted with the Recipe


➤ What ingredients and tools you need.
➤ The specifics of gluten-free flour and which one activates the quickest.
➤ The ideal water and room temperature.

Step 2: Follow Simple Instructions

Step by step, so you know exactly what to do at each moment.

Sourdough starter takes about 5 days to develop, and the entire process requires less than 5 minutes a day.

It couldn't be simpler.

Step 3: Confidently Embark on Your Gluten-Free Sourdough Journey

Once your sourdough starter is ready, you can maintain and use it in your baking for the rest of your life.

Consistently and successfully, no matter what you're preparing.

You'll learn how to care for it, so it never dies (it's easier and less time-consuming than watering cacti!).



Author of the Best Cookbook in the World!

Here are some of my notable achievements:

I am the author of the best cookbook in the world, Bread Art Book, which won the prestigious Best of the Best award, considered the Oscar of cookbooks (first place among 1558 books from 200 countries) at the international Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

I have authored 3 cookbooks, translated into 6 languages (Sourdough Mania is an international bestseller,  also awarded with the Best Bread Book title).

I have conducted over 150 live courses worldwide in more than 14 countries (including the UK, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Croatia, India, Jamaica, Singapore, Thailand, etc.).

My sourdough starter is preserved in the world’s first sourdough library in Belgium.

I am an ambassador for the Quest for Sourdough initiative, on a mission to bring the many benefits of sourdough to every family.

When you work with heart and passion…

Are you curious about how it all began? Watch a short award-winning documentary and step into the story of a forgotten ancient recipe, where you’ll meet Anita, Sašo, and Rudl.

I care about your success!

I’m so confident in the incredible value of this comprehensive sourdough knowledge package – the only one you’ll ever need – that I offer a complete satisfaction guarantee.
If you are unable to quickly and easily prepare sourdough using my express and simplified recipe, I will fully refund your purchase, no questions asked.


When people see how simple it all is, many wish they had tried baking with sourdough much earlier...


by World-Renowned Sourdough Master Anita Šumer

I will share with you a unique recipe that I have perfected to the finest detail and consistently proven to work.

Other common recipes on the market require you to use large quantities of flour – starting with 100 g to 150 g or even more. Then, you have to discard half of that flour every day.

My approach is more efficient.

I’ve ensured that you use the minimum amount of flour possible, while almost nothing goes to waste. This way, you save even more on valuable gluten-free ingredients.

While other recipes disregard your time, I understand that we all have busy schedules.

That’s why I prioritize speed and ease.

You will prepare your first perfect sourdough quickly and easily (repeatedly tested by myself and my students), and then you can use it anytime for baking various sourdough treats.

With the correct procedure, you can enjoy successful sourdough baking for years.

I achieved this three years ago with Rosa (the name I gave my gluten-free sourdough starter, responsible for all the bread and both savory and sweet sourdough delights that come from my hands), and we are still creating delicious sourdough treats together today.

Sourtastic, isn’t it?


Store-bought gluten-free bread will cost you between 5-10 € per loaf.

It’s filled with starch (empty calories), gums, and other additives and unhealthy ingredients, which are very unsuitable for your gut.

If you have experience with store-bought bread, you know it doesn’t even resemble real bread (does anyone really enjoy those gummy and simultaneously dried-out substitutes that are hard to swallow?).

Once you learn how to make your own sourdough starter and care for it, you can prepare your bread (or other sourdough treats) for baking in just 8 minutes of hands-on time (yes, I timed it).

It actually takes much more time to go to the store than to bake sourdough treats in the comfort of your own kitchen using trusted ingredients.

You save a lot of money (almost nothing goes to waste) while also taking care of your health and the health of your entire family.

Here are 3 key reasons why sourdough treats are healthier for you:

  1. Nutrient Retention: Sourdough is the only fermented leavening agent that ensures your body retains more nutrients, which are crucial for metabolism, good blood health, and overall well-being.

  2. Beneficial Bacteria: Lactic acid bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus, found in sourdough, break down complex carbohydrates (starch) into simple sugars and release lactic and acetic acids. These acids help the body absorb more minerals.

  3. Gentle on Digestion: Simple sugars feed the yeast, which produces ethanol and carbon dioxide, causing the dough to rise. This process eliminates any bloating.

But there’s something else that emotionally ties me strongly to sourdough, besides all the benefits mentioned above…

Sourdough baking has created a significant transformation in my life and left a lasting mark on my heart.

It’s not just a “schoolgirl crush”; I saw firsthand how it improved the well-being of my now late husband, who had his gallbladder removed and experienced a complete turnaround in his health.

And I know that sourdough baking can represent a similar transformation for you.

We tried EVERYTHING, but the only thing that maintained our love for baked goods was sourdough.

Let me reassure you.

You’ve likely heard the MYTH that sourdough baking is complicated and time-consuming.

I’m on a mission and determined to debunk this myth once and for all!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

No, you won’t need to be on kitchen duty all the time.

You also don’t need to turn, fold, or manipulate the dough every 20 minutes.

I will share with you the knowledge and experience from my 12 years of sourdough practice, so you won’t have to repeat the same mistakes.

You’ll learn how to prepare your sourdough starter quickly and easily.

In a fun, stress-free way, without special tools.

No long-winded explanations.

It couldn’t be simpler.

Once you discover the little secrets of the great masters of gluten-free sourdough baking, you can easily transform both savory and sweet treats into healthy and delicious gluten-free delights that melt in your mouth.

From crusty bread to pancakes and the best pizzas – whether made from buckwheat, millet, rice, or corn.

There are hundreds of sourdough recipes for various baked goods that always spark my imagination.


“Anita and I connected through Instagram as her passion for sourdough was evident through her words and pictures. After speaking with you it was clear that you have immense knowledge of working with sourdough, a passion for teaching and a strong desire to learn more. I have been thrilled to see your bread art and recipes over the years and am excited for what’s to come!”


Matthew James Duffy – Baking Professor and Trained Chef, Instagrammer and Blogger at SourdoughDuffy, Canada

“I started following Anita on Instagram many years ago when I first started my sourdough journey, I loved, and still do, her ethos and passion for sourdough. Anita has always been so inspiring and encouraging, producing endless wonderful sourdough creations and sharing helpful information for all home bakers.”


Elaine Boddy – Founder of foodbod Sourdough, Author of ‘Whole Grain Sourdough at Home’ and ‘The Sourdough Whisperer’, UK

“For me, Anita is one of those pioneers who brought bread art to a next level. Being able to take care of “Rudl” her sourdough in the sourdough library is something I’m very proud of. Her efforts and dedication to bake the world a better place show how passionate she is about sourdough and good breads. Having Anita on board of “the quest for sourdough” is a privilege.”


Karl De Smedt – The Sourdough Librarian, Curator of the One and Only Sourdough Library in the World, St Vith, Belgium

Her advice is always practical and helpful to both beginner and experienced bakers. She’s such a natural educator who makes everyone feel like they can conquer both the art and science of sourdough.


Hannah Dela Cruz – Cookbook Author,

»Hvala, ker si stalna inspiracija.«

“Z Anito sem se povezal prek Instagrama, saj je bil njen navdušen pristop do droži očiten skozi njene besede in slike. Po pogovoru je bilo jasno, da ima ogromno znanja o delu z drožmi, strast do poučevanja in močno željo po še več znanja. Navdušen sem bil, da sem tekom let videl njene umetniške izdelke, ko gre za okrašen kruh, in recepte, in se veselim prihodnosti! Hvala, ker si stalna inspiracija.”


Matthew James Duffy – Profesor peke in izkušen kuhar, Instagramer in bloger pri SourdoughDuffy, Kanada


And I believe it’s important to return to nature by using simple, natural ingredients without additives: flour, water, and salt.

When I started, I wished I had someone to present all the proven processes to me clearly. That would have saved me from all the failed attempts and frustration.

And that’s exactly what you get with this course.

Sourdough will teach you how to enjoy every moment, how to relax, and how to develop patience and perseverance.

At the same time, you’ll be doing an extremely important favor for your health.

What are you waiting for?

Join me today and start preparing tastier and healthier savory and sweet sourdough treats, full of nutritious ingredients.

For yourself and your whole family.

*The information on this page is presented in good faith and based on our best knowledge, but Drožomanija – Sourdoughmania, d.o.o., assumes no responsibility or guarantees regarding the completeness or accuracy of this information. Please note that this information is provided on the condition that the recipients make their own decisions and legal/regulatory judgments before using it. This material should not be used as a substitute for legal/regulatory/nutritional/health advice from a professional familiar with your particular situation.

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