One for all – Universal Enriched Dough Recipe

My dear SourdoughManiacs,

Today, I have something extra special for all of you – my universal enriched dough recipe, the One For All, the One (enriched dough) to Rule Them All. This recipe is so useful and versatile that it will never let you down. You can use it as a basis for cinnamon rolls, brioche, challah… the options are endless and you get to decide where your baking journey will take you. Plus, you can tweak it by adding sugar, grated orange peel, or anything else your heart desires to the mix. 

Plus, you can look for  a few yummy fillings to mix and match with this dough on Tips & Tricks, so be on the lookout for that. 

Grab your ingredients and let’s get starte(r)d.

STIFF STARTER: 110g (22%)

Step 1:

Mix 10g of active, bubbly regular starter with 10g water and 5g sugar. Add in 25g of white all-purpose flour and stir thoroughly. Then knead the mixture until it forms a dough ball. Place into an air tight container and leave at room temperature until it doubles in size (10-12h).

Step 2:

Dissolve 10g of sugar in 15g of water. Tear the doubled stiff starter into pieces and add it to the sugar water. Stir then add in 35g of white all-purpose flour and stir again. Finally, knead the mixture until it forms a dough ball. Place into an air tight container and leave at room temperature until it triples in size (8-10h).


Ingredients: for approximately 1000g of dough

  • 500g of whie all-purpose flour or T500 flour (100%)
  • 240g of milk (48%)
  • 2 eggs (112g; 22%)
  • 10g salt
  • 80g of room temperature buter (16%)
  • 1 TS of vanilla extract (optional; 1%)

For a plant-based version, leave out the eggs, use plant-based milk, and switch out the butter for oil. 


For the best result, you will need a stand kitchen mixer for this one. 

Sift the flour into the mixing bowl. 

Combine all the liquid ingredients in a smaller bowl but leave the butter for later. 

Tear the stiff starter into smaller chunks and add it to the liquid ingredients.

Stir to partially dissolve the stiff starter.

Slowly pour the mixture to the flour and mix at a low speed. 

Mix until the dough starts forming and stops clinging to the sides of the mixing bowl.


Mix until the dough has formed and has no dry parts and clumps.

Then start adding the butter you set aside.

Add it slowly, step by step. 

Wait for the dough to absorb the butter before you add more.

Increase the mixing speed and mix until you get a supple, workable dough. 

Cover the dough and leave it at RT until it rises by 30-50%. (3-5 h at RT)


After the dough has bulk risen, you can either roll it out and add a filling of choice, or move it into the fridge to ferment. If you store it in the fridge, wait until it has warmed up to RT again before working with it again. 

Once you roll out and fill the dough, make sure you proof your filled dough once again (for 3-5h) before baking. 


The time and temperature vary based on the recipe you are trying to make. But most sourtastic delights such as cinnamon rolls take about 30min at 190°C/473°F in a preheated oven.

I hope this recipe helps you bake your world a better place in dozens of versatile ways. 

Yours truly fermented,

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