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    Bundle of 3 popular gluten-free recipes


    Exclusive Gluten-Free Recipes Bundle!
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    Upgrade your knowledge and Sourdough Gluten-Free Masterclass with this additional video course bundle. Includes 3 most popular recipes: Toast bread, baguettes and banana bread.

    What do you get in this bundle?


    • access to 3 video recipes, each with their own instruction videos,
    • easy, short but step-by-step and precise instructions,
    • other tips&tricks from Anita Šumer, sourdough professional and best selling author with more than 10 years experience

    Learn how to make better gluten-free bakes in a simple way!

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    Gluten-Free Masterclass


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    Learn to bake delicious sourdough bread & fluffy focaccia, make mouth watering pizza & soft buckwheat bread – ALL GLUTEN FREE.

    What do you get in this Masterclass?

    • more than 90 minutes of video content and simple instructions about how to make your first gluten-free starter and how to bake with it,
    • easy and short but step-by-step and precise 6 video recipes (basic bread loaf, pizza, buckwheat bread, focaccia, cornmeal, crepes),
    • 32 burning questions and answers – all answered with a detailed video instructions,
    • other important tips&tricks from Anita Šumer, professional baker, teacher and bestselling author with more than 10 years experience,
    • bonus video: how to use a stone mill to grind gluten-free flour,
    • other bonuses and surprises!

    Enroll today and change your life!