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My name is Anita and my mission is to show you that sourdough baking is simple and fun

Living and baking with heart and passion.

Take a look at our story… The story of me, my late husband Sašo and our forgotten recipe for our sourdough stater Rudl.

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Ultimate Sourdough Bread Masterclass

Never EVER struggle with sourdough baking again. Master sourdough baking in no time!

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Bake The Perfect Sourdough Pizza

12 video tutorials that guide you through each step of making the perfect, mouthwatering sourdough pizza.

I'm honoured to have had my work featured by some of the industries biggest names

Industry experts are inspired by my work

‘Having Anita on board of “the quest for sourdough” is a privilege. I hope her work inspires you as much as it inspires me.’

Explore my mouthwatering sourdough recipes

Recipe of the week

Sourdough Donuts

As promised, here’s my 100% SD donuts/Berliner/krapfen recipe, do keep in mind that these are not very sweet (you can dust them with icing sugar and fill with jam).

Recipe of the week

Sourdough Rye Bread

Not your usual bread! It is full of flavour, nutrients and fiber.  A perfect and healthy option for your balanced diet.

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