The ULTIMATE (and super simple) sourdough bread MASTERCLAS

Are you ready? To experience the most delicious bread you ever tasted… made by you? Let's go!

Sourdough bread may sound intimidating but with my help you will crack the mystery of preparing the most delicious bread in no time. Wondering why you should choose my course when you have a million of other ones available? Because it is as SIMPLE as it gets!

I created this masterclass with one goal in mind. To help you get all the information that you need in the most SIMPLE way possible. So you can create the best sourdough bread IN NO TIME!

So…. get ready to master and prepare the world's most delicious sourdough

Get my wholesome sourdough bread masterclass and learn to master all 6 in no time!






Rye bread

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Want to know more? This is why these courses are A MUST for you.

1. Pizza

You haven’t had the best pizza until you tried sourdough pizza… and that is the truth! I can’t wait to teach you to master the ultimate pizza preparation. With this course you will learn everything from starter, basic recipe, shaping of pizza balls, gluten developing techniques to homemade tomato recipe.

2. Baguettes

Oui oui, you can (and you will) make delicious baguettes from sourdough! From feeding the starter, bulk rising to final shaping, this baguette course will quickly become one of your most watched. And baguette your favourite bread to eat!

3. Cornmeal

This soft, fluffy, crunchy and yellow bread is made with cornflour or cornmeal and is full of nutritients
and vitamins. The most ideal breakfast bread for you and your family and I will teach you to make it
in a few simple steps.

4. Focaccia

Are you ready to master crunchy, moist and always delicious foccacia? My Focaccia course is the one
I put a lot of care and tought in to make sure it is perfect and simple to the point that everyone can
make it.

5. Rye bread

Easiest bread ever. No exaggeration.  And also very healthy – high in iron, potassium, calcium,
zinc and soluble fibre. Rye bread is considered more nutritious than wheat bread. As well as
being super filling, it also contains more fibre and B vitamins than wheat breads. Healthy bread
simplified – what else could you ask for?

Most common questions – ANSWERED!

But that is not all. Apart from 6 POWERFUL and SIMPLIFIED courses you will also get one EXTRA. I handpicked 32 most common questions that you might think of while preparing sourdough bread and answered them all in one course. This way you will always have all the answers explained and available whenever you need them.

Baking became my escape…
and my joy!

I bake when I cry, I bake when I laugh and I am not afraid to share my feelings. Sourdough baking helped me in difficult times – especially when my husband Sašo passed. He told me to keep spreading my passion and knowledge and to inspire more people to start baking Sourdough bread because we all deserve to eat better bread.

Knowledge you will keep for a lifetime

This sourdough bread masterclass is a proven way to the most delicious bread and because I know that from time to time we all need a little memory refresh I decided to grant you access to this masterclass for a whole lifetime. Yes, you heard that right! Once you are in it, you will keep these sourdough bread videos forever.

Don't wait, get your chef hat on and start mastering the art of sourdough bread preparation in no time!

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Your teacher, whose work is loved by Martha Stewart.

Best bread book in the world award, work, featured by Martha Stweart, Insider, Daily Mail, Bored Panda, UNILAD, Freeda, Food and Wine, 3 BEST SELLING books. Your course teacher Anita Šumer truly is a sourdough bread star! Don’t miss the chance to learn all the tips and tricks from her because, well, she is the best one to learn from.

Still not sure about it? Let our pupils tell you why this is THE ultimate sourdough bread masterclass to get!