Learn how to bake Sourdough with this ultimate Masterclass

By Anita Šumer, author of the world’s best cookbook

Includes video recipes: Baguettes, Cornmeal Bread, Focaccia, Rye Bread, Pizza, Bread course

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Sourdough baking is going to take over!

It is not only healthy, easier to digest and delicious, it is also a great activity to do in your free time!    This Masterclass Course is perfect for you if you want to learn how to make a basic Soudough Bread, Pizza and other yummy SourSnacks in a very Simplified way to include it in your busy life.

There is more and more people who would like to learn how to make more healthy and delicious homemade treats.  Reasons are different, but most common are definitely higher prices of groceries, to get on a new challenge and try something new, a desire for a new hobby or a wish to bake better and healthier.   Whatever your reason might be and whether you are a complete beginner or a professional baker – this masterclass is formed so anyone can improve their skills.

As a bread lover myself I know how important it is to eat homemade bread. There is just something extra special when you make it yourself. Not to mention how healthy it is.

Why do I keep saying better bread and why is baking so good for you?

Baking Sourdough bread will not only get you a delicious crunchy crust, crumbly soft (structure) (SREDICA) and a lovely smelling kitchen but it is also extremely healthy.   I find a special type of relaxation when I bake. All the stress, anxiety and worries just go away suddenly and I am in charge of creating that perfect loaf of bread.

''I bake when I cry, I bake when I laugh and I am not afraid to share my feelings. Sourdough baking helped me in difficult times – especially when my husband Sašo passed. He told me to keep spreading my passion and knowledge and to inspire more people to start baking Sourdough bread because we all deserve to eat better bread''.

helps to release stress yes, unleash your inner frustration on a ball of dough,
inspires creativity different types of bread, cuts, sweets … you can create whatever your heart desires at that moment,
helps you to share joy baking for others can be an expression of love, celebration, closeness,
calms you down concentrate on measuring, shping the dough, looking at your bread in the oven and on what will you eat with your freshly baked bread.

How did it all start?

It all started out of love. Out of love form my husband Sašo who could no longer eat bread with commercial yeast. 

The gallbladder is a small, pear-shaped organ that he had removed. After the surgery everything changed. Every time he ate bread with baker's yeast he felt bloated, gassy and had problems with belching. So he only ate crunchy toast or two-day old bread. 

  We loved bread and it was so hard watching him not being able to enjoy food and eating bread.    
But what could we do? We only knew bread made in that way. I didn't give up and wanted to find a way to help him.

Then I discovered this

Sourdough Starter is  a natural leavening culture which is used instead of commercial yeast. It is a simple mixture of only flour and water and once it's combined it begins to ferment cultivating the natural yeasts found in our enivornment. When water and flour are mixed, you get a special dough which includes healthy bacteria and probiotics.   
 If you want to learn how to make your very own starter, click here.    
We started baking with Sourdough Starter and Sašo was completely fine after eating Sourdough bread! We could finally enjoy our favourite food again. It was amazing.

easier to digest

One of the procces of making Sourdough bread is fermantation. It breaks down carbohydrates in the wheat, so that your digestion of bread is easier and it helps you avoid unpleasant symptoms of bloating and gassing

less gluten

The longer sourdough is allowed to ferment, the more gluten is reduced. (And I suggest a long over night fermentation)

healthy nutrition

Long fermentation might reduce gluten and breaks down carbohydrates but  so many other natural benefits are increased or created – vitamin B, iron and folat, prebiotics and probiotics, healthy carbs. , protein and fibers

extremely good for gut health

Starter contains lactic acid bacteria which contain probiotics and prebiotics. Live yeast acts as a natural preservative.

Who am I?

It is only right to introduce myself as I will be the one who is going to teach you everything you need to know about  Sourdough!  

I love baking, I love local food and I love to put a smile on my family on frriends faces. And I think the most perfect way to do that is through bread.  I started baking with sourdough in 2012. I will be completely honest.. I was definitely not succesful at my first try. But I didn't give up, I tried again and made a succesful first loaf of bread!  

Succes was totally unplanned. I started baking out of love and to help my late husband but it turned out into a succesful story.
Sharing knowledge and love for sourdough bread is now my main focus and desire. I couldn't be happier to do this.

Learn from the best

Best bread book in the world award, featured by Insider, Daily Mail, Bored Panda, UNILAD, Martha Stewart, Freeda and Food and Wine. Anita is amazing with sourdough!    

Don’t miss out and get this Masterlass now to learn from the best!

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Let’s have a look of all the recipes you will get in Masterclass

Bread Course

Basics of sourdough baking but also most fulfilling! When you take your fresh homemade bread out of the oven and bread has risen, it has that perfect crunchy crust, it smells divine – that's probably one of the best feelings in the world. And you baked that. I remember how proud of I was of myself when I baked my first loaf. And with every loaf I bake, I get even more excited and proud.

Pizza Course

I am one of those people who adore pizza – the smell, texture, flavour, the making of it. I just love it! It is a go to snack when I host friends over. Sourdough pizza is also much easier to digest, full of vitamins and other nutritients and easier on gluten intake. With this course, you will learn all the secrets about how to make a perfect homemade pizza. I am sure the first one will already be a succes.


Sometimes we just crave something different than normal sliced bread. Don’t get me wrong – nothing wrong with normal bread but doing different shapes, techniques and getting … is what excites me! Bruschetta with a baguette is just so much more delicious, at least for me. I am going to show you how how to shape different techniques of making a baguette, how to score it and how to bake it. Crunchy crust and soft fluffy core. That’s what you want and I will deliver.

Cornmeal bread

Let me bring you some sunshine in your kitchen – this perfect soft, fluffy, crunchy, bright and yellow bread is made with cornflour or cornmeal and is full of nutritients and vitamins. Healthy breakfast for you and your loved ones is all you need. Would you like to learn how to make it? Since a different kind of flour than normal white or wholemeal is used, it requires a different kind of technique.


Looking for a perfect type of bread to serve on picnics? Look no further. Top it with your favourite toppings, you can also bring out the creative side of you – make a flower out of tomato, seeds and basil or anything you want! I will teach you how to make a crunchy but moist and always deliciously perfect foccacia! Super easy if you follow steps. The only bad thing about focaccia is that it always just suddenly dissapears.

Super easy rye bread

Easiest bread ever. No exaggeration.   And also so healthy – high in iron, potassium, calcium, zinc and soluble fibre. Rye bread is considered more nutritious than wheat bread. As well as being super filling, it also contains more fibre and B vitamins than wheat breads. Healthy bread simplified – what else could you ask for?

What other BREAD EXPERTS say about Anita

Anita and I connected through Instagram as her passion for sourdough was evident through her words and pictures. After speaking with you it was clear that you have immense knowledge of working with sourdough, a passion for teaching and a strong desire to learn more. I have been thrilled to see your bread art and recipes over the years and am excited for what's to come! Thanks for being a constant inspiration.
Matthew James Duffy
Baking Professor and Trained Chef, Instagrammer and Blogger at SourdoughDuffy, Canada
“I started following Anita on Instagram many years ago when I first started my sourdough journey, I loved, and still do, her ethos and passion for sourdough. Anita has always been so inspiring and encouraging, producing endless wonderful sourdough creations and sharing helpful information for all home bakers.”
Elaine Boddy
Founder of foodbod Sourdough, Author of ‘Whole Grain Sourdough at Home’ and ‘The Sourdough Whisperer’, UK
For me, Anita is one of those pioneers who brought bread art to a next level. Being able to take care of “Rudl” her sourdough in the sourdough library is something I’m very proud of. Her efforts and dedication to bake the world a better place show how passionate she is about sourdough and good breads. Having Anita on board of “the quest for sourdough” is a privilege. I hope her work inspires you as much as it does to me.
Karl De Smedt
The Sourdough Librarian, Curator of the One and Only Sourdough Library in the World, St Vith, Belgium
Anita is a wealth of knowledge and information about naturally fermented bread. Her advice is always practical and helpful to both beginner and experienced bakers. She’s such a natural educator who makes everyone feel like they can conquer both the art and science of sourdough.
Hannah Dela Cruz
Cookbook author and founder of makeitdough.com
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Frequently Asked Questions

Anita, I want to know...

A sourdough starter is a simple mixture of flour and water that begins to ferment when left at room temperature.

Anything you bake using a sourdough starter is healthier and easier to digest than baked goods containing traditional yeast, making it more beneficial for your body. The longer the fermentation process, the easier the bread is to digest and the more nutrients, minerals and vitamins found in grains, your body can absorb from it.

Before you take the first bite of your freshly baked bread, your loaf has undergone an incredible process – the process of fermentation. The longer the fermentation the better.

The lactobacillus and wild yeasts that are naturally present in your starter break down gluten bonds during the bulk rise and fermentation stage, but sourdough bread isn’t inherently gluten free.  It is better and healthier for our bodies however and you can learn to make gluten free sourdough bread too.

Have I mentioned our friends, the lactobacillus? They are the “architects” that ensure your bread has a wonderfully homogeneous, fluffy, and even middle, also known as the bread’s “crumb”.

Master of sourdough and author of three bestselling books