Create your very own SOURDOUGH STARTER

Would you like to bake delicious, healthy bread that tastes absolutely divine, doesn’t weigh you down, and doesn’t make you feel bloated?

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What you’ll get

What is a Sourdough Starter?

Sourdough starter is a natural leavening culture. It is a simple mixture of flour and water and once it’s combined it begins to ferment cultivating the natural yeasts found in our environment.
It depends on how much of bread or what type of bread you would like to bake, but only a small portion of starter needs to be added to make bread rise.
My first starter didn’t survive, the second one did. Not sure what went wrong, but I mastered it and I am sure that I can give you all the right information so yours will succed and live at the first try!

Anita Šumer, author of the best bread book in the world

Sourdough bread is not only very easy to make but it is also a lot healthier.

  • contains higher levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than yeasted bread
  • easier to digest
  • better for people with gluten sensitivity
  • provides healthy bacteria for your gut

The process of making a starter lasts 7 days but it doesn’t stop there. To keep it alive you’ll have to take peoper care of it – you keep feeding it flour and water.

So simple, yet you get such delicious homemade bread!

My story

Sounds amazing, right? You will be able to eat more of delicious bread without any guilt! And it’s so easy!