Zucchini Bread Day

Dear Sourdoughmaniacs, 

Did you know that today is International Zucchini Bread Day? Well, please don’t squash my hopes and dreams, but all I have for you today is this pumpkin bread. 

I made my first pumpkin shaped bread in 2016 and it went viral, even @MarthaStewart shared my pic saying I tricked her into believing it’s a real one.

For those of you who are interested in trying out my recipe, you can find it in my first book Sourdough Mania. If you are simply interested in achieving this shape, I’ll give you a hint: I used several pieces of rope that I carefully tied around my bread after shaping it. I then let it proof and bake with the strings which resulted in this lovely pumpkin shape. 

Another option is to tie the ropes just before baking. Both methods work. After a few attempts, my fav is the latter one. The ropes don’t grow into the dough so much.

Do you have a favorite pumpkin or zucchini recipe and have you ever tried using them in combination with sourdough? 

Let me know if you will give this shape a try and don’t forget to tag a fellow pumpkin or zucchini lover in the comments. 

Have a nice day and let’s bake the world a better place. 

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