The video course that will help you bake the perfect sourdough pizza.

Click the link to unlock the secrets of making a delicious homemade sourdough pizza in your very own kitchen oven.

I guarantee that after watching this course you will effortlessly be able use your newly acquired skills and make the perfect homemade pizza in the blink of an eye!

I created this video course because I want to empower you on your journey to becoming a real sourdough pizza master

Never baked anything using sourdough? Not a problem, you do not need any previous experience with sourdough baking.

If you stick with me throughout the entire video course, I will teach you everything you need to know, and even throw in a few bonus tips (for example how to make a baking schedule and adjust it to your unique needs) and recipes (including the recipe for a delicious homemade tomato sauce).

This video course is different from the rest, because it won’t take up much of your time. You can either find a comfortable spot to watch it before you get starte(re)d or you can grab your ingredients, roll up your sleeves, hit play, and jump straight to kneading. 

This course is filmed in a short and sweet video format, which makes all its techniques easy to follow, commit to memory, and apply while baking. 

I can guarantee your success based on over 10 years sourdough baking experience. I’ve learned so much and experienced many a sourtastic success on my baking journey, but I have also made a myriad of sad and sour mistakes. 

That’s why I would like to help you learn from my missteps without having to actually repeat them. My goal is to make baking the perfect sourdough pizza as effortless for you as I possibly can. 

To show you just how committed I am to your success, here are 3 sourtastic secrets that would have come in incredibly handy had I known them when I first started making sourdough pizza.


To get the perfect dough that is both delicious and easy to digest, you need a super healthy sourdough starter. You know what they say: the first step to successful sourdough baking is having a lively, bubbly starter. It should be bursting with activity and its smell should ideally resemble yogurt or kefir.



When it comes to topping your pizza remember: less is more. Overloading your pizza will prevent it from baking quickly and efficiently, causing it to turn soggy.


Bake your pizza at as high a temperature as your oven will allow. Using a special baking surface is another great way to ensure your success. I personally swear by using a pizza steel but many other options will suffice.

Here are two examples of good practice …

Dough/gluten developing techniques

In the next two hours after the last kneading, you can strengthen the dough additionally.

Every 30 minutes do 1 series of stretch and folds, all together in 2 hours do 4 series or more if the dough is soft.


By using your knuckles, shape the edge/rim of the pizza. In the middle of the dough, press down and flatten the middle part.

Or flour your fingers and the top part of your hands and then stretch the dough.

I know you want your sourdough pizza to be perfect and that’s why I created this video course – I want to support you on your journey and make it as fun and effortless as possible. 

From time to time we all need a little encouragement and a dash of practical knowledge to steer us in the right direction and that’s exactly what this video course is all about!

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In this video sourdough pizza course you’ll:

✔ Find out what a sourdough starter is, how to maintain it, and what to do if it needs to be revived or brought back from the brink of starvation.

✔ Receive step-by-step video instructions on making a sourdough pizza. Everything from making the dough, kneading, and proofing, to shaping dough balls, stretching them out into a round shape, and baking the pizza in your very own kitchen oven.

✔ Try out various dough strengthening and gluten developing techniques.

✔ Get a bunch of bonus tips and tricks for making the tastiest sourdough pizza (including the best ingredients to use and how to use them as toppings).

✔ Master a basic sourdough pizza dough recipe plus two bonus recipes (one alternative dough recipe and one for making the most delicious homemade tomato sauce).

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Curious about what your fellow SourdoughManiacs who have already seen the video course have to say about it?


Barbara R

I recommend the online course to those who do not have much time and would like to learn baking with sourdough quickly…

With her help, I prepared my very first sourdough bread.


Sabina V

I was very surprised by Anita’s sourdough bread course.
I imagined that baking with sourdough was very complicated, so I hesitated to use sourdough all the time.
In fact, Anita leads us to a beautiful loaf of bread with a couple of very simple tips and shows that maintaining and using sourdough is so simple that anyone can try it.


Ana T

Anita clearly demonstrates how to feed your starter, check how it has risen, how to knead the dough and how to make stretch and folds. But most of all, I love this course because Anita also shares her baking schedule from feeding the starter to baking the most delicious sourdough bread.


Kristen K

Thanks to you and to your excellent course I finally understand the process of making sourdough bread and feeding my starter.

Bravo! Your positive energy is immeasurable and highly contagious! Keep up the good work.

You now have two options…

You can embark on a sourdough pizza baking journey by scouring the vastness of the internet for recipes and techniques in the hopes of finding ones that actually work, learning from your own mistakes, and fighting the urge to give up when the first couple of attempts don’t turn out perfectly.


You can take advantage of the shortcut I have prepared for you, learn all the tips and tricks of the sourdough baking trade that I’ve picked up in over 10 years of baking experience, and delight in the fruits of your labour immediately. You know what they say – the devil is in the details and I’ve made sure to include all the secrets any sourdough baker needs to know to ensure their sourdough pizza success.

This video course includes...

12 video tutorials that guide you through each step of making a sourdough pizza with clear instructions and excellent visualsAnd want to know the best part? You can re-watch each video as many times as you want to catch each and every detail the course has to offer.


I’m certain that your first sourdough pizza will be a success!

Apply to the video course for your shortcut to the perfect sourdough pizza!

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Why should you acquaint yourself with the secrets of sourdough?

✔ A sourdough starter is a super simple thing. It is natural yeast made using only two ingredients – flour and water. When mixed together and left at room temperature the mass begins to ferment due to the microorganisms naturally present in it.

✔ The process of fermentation is what makes sourdough baked goods so beneficial for your body and your digestive system.

✔ Sourdough products don’t cause sudden blood sugar spikes while the lactic acid bacteria naturally present in them helps support the mucosa of your intestines.


So, can you guess the best part about making sourdough pizza, besides its absolutely divine taste?

It doesn’t make you feel bloated or weighed down after you gobble it up. 

The long fermentation process helps the pizza dough develop a rich and mouthwatering taste and a beautiful aroma. 

Using a sourdough starter as a leavening agent helps you create a soft, supple dough that will serve as the perfect foundation for your pizza and form a bubbly, crispy, crunchy crust with the famous and coveted “leopard spots” charred design when baked.

Learn how to make a delicious sourdough pizza in your very own kitchen oven.

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By applying to this video course you also get a few sourtastic BONUSES INCLUDING:

✔ 1 video on how to reactivate my starter Rudl for those of you who have purchased it here,

✔ baker’s percentages,

✔ instructions on how to choose the perfect ingredients,

✔ HOMEMADE tomato sauce recipe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anita, I want to know...

A sourdough starter is a simple mixture of flour and water that begins to ferment when left at room temperature.

Anything you bake using a sourdough starter is healthier and easier to digest than baked goods containing traditional yeast, making it more beneficial for your body. The longer the fermentation process, the easier the bread is to digest and the more nutrients, minerals and vitamins found in grains, your body can absorb from it.

Before you take the first bite of your freshly baked bread, your loaf has undergone an incredible process – the process of fermentation. The longer the fermentation the better.

The lactobacillus and wild yeasts that are naturally present in your starter break down gluten bonds during the bulk rise and fermentation stage, but sourdough bread isn’t inherently gluten free.  It is better and healthier for our bodies however and you can learn to make gluten free sourdough bread too.

Have I mentioned our friends, the lactobacillus? They are the “architects” that ensure your bread has a wonderfully homogeneous, fluffy, and even middle, also known as the bread’s “crumb”.

From the author of the best bread book

I’ve been sharing my passion for sourdough at more than 150 workshops in more than 10 countries. I’ve written 3 best seller books that have been translated into 5 languages. And won the title Best Bread Book in the World by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

My art work has been featured by Insider, Daily Mail, Bored Panda, UNILAD, Freeda, Food and Wine, Martha Stewart.

My Mission is to bring sourdough and beauty into every home across the globe. Bread can be delicious, nutritious, and beautiful to boot. 

Join me on the sourdough journey and see that it can be so much fun, and a way to relax and connect to oneself.

What other BREAD EXPERTS say about Anita

Anita and I connected through Instagram as her passion for sourdough was evident through her words and pictures. After speaking with you it was clear that you have immense knowledge of working with sourdough, a passion for teaching and a strong desire to learn more. I have been thrilled to see your bread art and recipes over the years and am excited for what's to come! Thanks for being a constant inspiration.
Matthew James Duffy
Baking Professor and Trained Chef, Instagrammer and Blogger at SourdoughDuffy, Canada
“I started following Anita on Instagram many years ago when I first started my sourdough journey, I loved, and still do, her ethos and passion for sourdough. Anita has always been so inspiring and encouraging, producing endless wonderful sourdough creations and sharing helpful information for all home bakers.”
Elaine Boddy
Founder of foodbod Sourdough, Author of ‘Whole Grain Sourdough at Home’ and ‘The Sourdough Whisperer’, UK
For me, Anita is one of those pioneers who brought bread art to a next level. Being able to take care of “Rudl” her sourdough in the sourdough library is something I’m very proud of. Her efforts and dedication to bake the world a better place show how passionate she is about sourdough and good breads. Having Anita on board of “the quest for sourdough” is a privilege. I hope her work inspires you as much as it does to me.
Karl De Smedt
The Sourdough Librarian, Curator of the One and Only Sourdough Library in the World, St Vith, Belgium
Anita is a wealth of knowledge and information about naturally fermented bread. Her advice is always practical and helpful to both beginner and experienced bakers. She’s such a natural educator who makes everyone feel like they can conquer both the art and science of sourdough.
Hannah Dela Cruz
Cookbook author and founder of

Master of sourdough and author of three bestselling books