With the help of my dry sourdough starter, you will start sourdough baking immediately! You will save time and most probably a fair bit of nerves (if you have trouble activating your first sourdough starter, as I did : )

Packaging includes clear instructions on how to activate sourdough starter Rudl. I recommend you do this soon after receiving it (delivery to all EU markets is fast: 5-6 working days).

Sourtastic Characteristics of My Dearest Starter:

  • First made out of love in 2012, when my late husband wasn’t able to eat yeasted bread anymore,
  • Regularly fed with organic white wheat flour from a local farmer miller, and high-quality water from a local source,
  • Travelled to more than 10 countries, taken part in more than 120 workshops,
  • More than 3000 descendants all across the globe,
  • Safely housed also in the first sourdough library in the world in Belgium under Nr. 125, the starter analysis is available on the Puratos Sourdough Library website,
  • Fast delivery to all EU markets (5-6 working days).


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Get my dearest 10+ years old DRY sourdough starter Rudl.

An easy and effortless way to save time and probably a fair bit of nerves, especially if you’ve had trouble activating your sourdough starter in the past. 


Rudl is the name of my sourdough starter and it’s responsible for all the bread, savory and sweet sourdough bakes that I create. Rudl has already visited many households all around the world, and also lives in the world’s first sourdough library in Belgium under NR. 125 – in the town of St. Vith.

Rudl is a simple mixture of flour and water that begins to boil and ferment. Dry Rudl is just a form of starter that I prepared after dehydration or dying process. With a little water and flour, it is transformed into your very own active sourdough starter. Rudl quickly becomes bubbly anf fluffy, smelling of kefir or yogurt – a smell I love!

Sourdough starter Rudl is also the perfect companion to the online sourdough bread course; it’s short and sweet with all the information needed to make your successful sourdough bread.

Looking for other handy and handmade accessories for baking (bench knife, scoring knife, stencils, covering cap)?


Easy to activate and to maintain

Healthy and strong 10+ years old sourdough starter

Makes great bread

Lasts indefinitely with proper care

Suitable for:

Gluten baking


I hesitated for a long time before putting my sourdough starter Rudl online. Before, it was only available to everyone who attended my live sourdough workshops and to anyone who bought my 1st sourdough baking book, Sourdoughmania.

However, since I received a lot of requests, I decided to give Rudl a place on my e-shelves and connect it with charity. Thus, by purchasing Rudl, you cover the costs of Rudl’s food, preparation, packaging, and shipping costs. The rest goes to the Lunina vila (eng. Moon Fairy) association providing supportive therapies and care for abused children. I say this makes you as good as bread with yeast!


Hi, I’m Anita Šumer, a passionate sourdough baker, creator, enthusiast, teacher & bestseller author who’s been in love with sourdough since 2012 when I started baking out of love for my husband who couldn’t eat conventional bread anymore.

Since then I’ve shared my passion at over 150 workshops in more than 10 countries with more than 2000 enthusiastic students.

Besides that, I’ve written 3 best seller books that have been translated into 5 languages. And won the title Best Bread Book in the World by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Come bake with me!

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