Bread Art Course and E-book


This book has won the most prestigious category – Best of the Best at the Gourman Cookbook Awards 2022, also known as cookbook Oscars!

Learn bread art baking with a unique book and video tutorials.
Decorate your sourdough or yeasted dough and bread.

  • 25 videos on decorating and gift-wrapping bread​.
  • 20 written and visual bread art tutorials, arranged by difficulty​.
  • 216 pages with all the fermented tips and tricks that I have learned in my 9+ years of baking experience​.
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What will you find in this unique e-book:

  • 20 written and visual bread art tutorials, arranged by difficulty,
  • 5 ways of gift-wrapping bread compatible with various bread decorating styles,
  • More than 220 stunning photographs shot by Nik Jarh in collaboration with the stylist Barbara Remec,
  • All the fermented tips and tricks that I have learned in my 9+ years of baking experience,
  • The light and stunning graphic design created by the internationally acclaimed designer Petja Montanez,
  • The step by step tutorials on shaping a boule and a batard and 2 basic recipes (suitable for both sourdough and yeast),
  • Tips and tricks on baking and cooling bread,
  • 30 motifs and patterns for scoring a loaf/batard,
  • A chapter entitled More Breadspiration where I showcase other incredible bread artists on Instagram that I have been following for years,
  • Instructions on how to take care of bannetons and what to do if you don’t have one,
  • 36 motifs and patterns for scoring a boule,
  • 25 videos on decorating and gift-wrapping bread.

Master 5 Bread decorating Techniques and How to Combine Them

Stenciling is the easiest bread decorating technique. I will teach you how to create your own stencil as well as the common household items you can use to decorate your dough. In this e-book you will find 3 types of stenciling described step by step and accompanied by all the tips and tricks you need to know to keep your motifs sharp, clear, and long-lasting.

In this chapter I teach you how to decorate your loaves with dough ornaments and flowers. You will find out how to use a special decorative dough to make ornaments, which flowers work best for bread decoration and how to dry them to preserve their vibrancy, as well as how and when to apply decorations to your dough. Then we learn how to make a flower basket for your loaf.

Toppings are a great, quick, and easy way to spice up your loaves. In the e-book you’ll find ideas for creating fantastic motifs of all shapes and sizes and ideas on what you can use to depict them. Plus, you’ll get a very special recipe to create the strongest Sourdough Glue that will really help you get a grip on your toppings. I also demonstrate 6 different ways of decorating your dough with toppings in both written and visual form.

This sharp looking artistic doughmain is the most common method of decorating bread. So I found it only fitting that the art of bread scoring takes up the biggest portion of the e-book. In this chapter I teach you how to tell if your dough is sufficiently proofed, how deep your cuts should be, at which angle you should hold your blade, and how to prevent your bread from bursting at the seams and destroying your design in the oven. Plus, I’ve included 6 different scoring patterns, described in both written and visual form.

Transform your dough into your own personal canvas.
This chapter contains everything you need to enjoy this form of breadart, from which colors to choose to how to apply them to your dough.

The right sequence of steps is crucial when combining techniques, and we tackle it in this chapter. By guiding you through making and baking a boule adorned with a sunflower and the portrait from the cover art, I will show you the best sequence of steps for combining the techniques that you’ve mastered throughout the e-book.

Get creative with 5 different ways of gift-wrapping bread accompanied by instructional videos

Buying the e-book also grants you access to all its video tutorials.

  • To allow your bread art to truly shine, wrap it in creative and unique ways. You can achieve incredible results using items and ingredients you already have at home.
  • All the decorating techniques in this e-book are super simple and that’s exactly what makes them so heartfelt, charming, and beautiful.
  • Bread makes the perfect gift, so this year you can surprise your loved ones with decorated loaves, be it with sourdough or yeast.