Learn to bake delicious sourdough bread & fluffy focaccia, make mouth watering pizza & soft buckwheat bread – ALL GLUTEN FREE.

What do you get in this Masterclass?

  • more than 90 minutes of video content and simple instructions about how to make your first gluten-free starter and how to bake with it,
  • easy and short but step-by-step and precise 6 video recipes (basic bread loaf, pizza, buckwheat bread, focaccia, cornmeal, crepes),
  • 32 burning questions and answers – all answered with a detailed video instructions,
  • other important tips&tricks from Anita Šumer, professional baker, teacher and bestselling author with more than 10 years experience,
  • bonus video: how to use a stone mill to grind gluten-free flour,
  • other bonuses and surprises!

Enroll today and change your life! 

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Gluten-Free Baking

Learn all the tricks and skills of gluten-free sourdough baking in a simplified way
with AS LITTLE of your time invested as possible.

How can you start gluten-free baking right away?

Learn how to make your first gluten-free sourdough starter from scratch, how to take care of it and how to use it. Preparing and caring for gluten-free starter is not as complicated as it might seem – you just need a good teacher, precise, simple and straight to the point video instructions
And that’s exactly what you’ll get in this Gluten-Free Masterclass.

This Masterclass was created to simplify your baking experience and learning. Perfected techniques, video instructions and burning questions answered in this video course. Become gluten-free master in NO TIME and in such a simple way!

Immediate success guaranteed!

What will you get in the course?

+ 6 most popular sourdough gluten-free recipes

Why is this gluten-free masterclass perfect for you?

Sourdough Bread is undoubtedly healthier and better than bread with commercial yeast. But it contains gluten which is a huge problem for celiac disease patients and for people who have thyroid problems, gluten sensitivity or wheat allergy

Most store-bought bread contains gluten which can be found in wheat, barley, rye, spelt, and kamut. Oat is also not recommended in the diet of patients with celiac disease. Various cookies, cakes and other foods also contain gluten.

Most of the stores now offer gluten-free varieties of food but it is usually quite expensive, contains unhealthy ingredients and is heavily processed.

Take care of the well-being of yourself and your loved ones. Join this Masterclass NOW before it’s too late.

Sourdough gluten-free baking can be so simple! Let me show you!

Suitable for vegans too (all recipes have vegan options)
No starches, no gums (without potato & corn starch, guar gum, xantan etc.)
No store-bought flour premixes with strange ingredients you can't even read

*A friendly reminder – if you or someone you want to bake for can not consume gluten due to celieac disease, use specifically declared gluten-free flour and other ingredients. Also watch out for contamination with other foods and ensure that gluten floours or other products containing gluten do not come into contact with declared gluten-free ingredients.

What flour to use and how to behave and use gluten-free ingredients/flour is well explained in the Masterclass.

This course is for you if

I will show you the entire process from preparing and feeding the starter , preparing the dough, shaping it and baking delicious bakes in home oven.

*part of the focaccia recipe as an example


Short and precise video steps will show you how to make a focaccia dough.

From feeding the starter to correct adding and mixing with other ingredients.


Then how to perfectly shape the dough and prepare it for baking

For the perfect crispy crust and soft, fluffy core.


And at the end how to use your home oven to bake it.

Home baking can be so simple but you will get results like professionals!

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