The ULTIMATE Masterclass Course with 6 most popular recipes and more than 30 burning questions from homemade bakers answered by sourdough professional Anita Šumer. Simplified but thorough step-by-step course.

Perfect for total beginners if you have never baked with sourdough but also for more experienced bakers.


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Become an expert in sourdough baking!

This masterclass was created with one goal in mind. To help you get all the knowledge and information you need in the SIMPLEST way possible. Truth is, homemade sourdough baking is going to take over. Learn how to do it now and start preparing delicious, healthy homemade bread IN NO TIME!


Includes 5 different types of bread: Easy Rye Bread, Focaccia, Baguette, Cornmeal Bread, basic Sourdough Loaf, as well as Pizza dough recipe

Masterclass Course material is yours to use any time and anywhere in the world.
Once you get it, it’s yours forever!

3 reasons why this is a Number 1 Sourdough Masterclass:

  • Learn from the best
    Your teacher will be Anita Šumer, whose work got an award of a BEST BREAD BOOK IN THE WORLD and is featured by Martha Stewart, Insider, Daily Mail, UNILAD and more.
  • Homemade bakers are a part of this course
    This course includes 32 questions asked by first time and professional bakers who follow Anita and want to bake better bread.
  • Includes 6 recipes and a guide on how to take care of your starter
    Video instructions for modern and most searched recipes in the last few years, made healthier, with sourdough. All the tips&tricks on how to keep your starter alive or how to revive it if needed.

What will you get in the course?

  • Step-by-step video guides
    More than 2 hours of video material. Masterclass is formed in a way that there are no complicated steps, no boring intros … Video guides are straight to the point but thorough and precise.
  • Simplified guide
    I will teach you how to make healthy homemade bread in a simple way so that learning about sourdough and baking with it will fit perfectly into your busy life.
  • 6 popular courses
    The most popular recipes in one place! Each of them is explained in step-by-step video guides, with all the details you”ll need along with other tips
    Pizza, Cornmeal Bread, Easy Rye Bread, Focaccia, Baguette, Bread Course
  • FAQ
    32 questions, sent by my followers, budding sourdough home bakers.Each question is answered with a video and a straightforward answer. But a few tips are added to the answer as well.
  • Exclusive tips&tricks and knowledge from Anita Šumer, sourdough expert and author of the world’s best bread book