Sourtastic pizza course



The Perfect Sourtastic Pizza Straight Out of Your Kitchen Oven

A sourtastic pizza that you make following clear and simple step by step instructions.

Great for total beginners if you’ve never made a pizza or bread before with sourdough nor with yeast but also for more experienced bakers:

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12 videos where you learn:

  • What a sourdough starter is (plus a guide book on how to make one)
  • Taking care of your starter and the optimal feeding schedule
  • Anita’s feeding schedule and how to prepare larger amounts of starter
  • Starter SOS
  • Making the dough (base pizza recipe)
  • Dough/gluten developing techniques
  • Bulk rising in a bowl
  • Longer fermentation AKA becoming BFFs with your fridge
  • Dividing the dough and shaping the dough balls for your pizza
  • Stretching and assembling the pizza
  • Baking the pizza in the oven
  • Short recap

More than 30 minutes of video material. Short, precise, concise videos that won’t take lots of your time for watching yet you’ll get all the necessary KNOW-HOW information.

  • Unlimited access to a special online platform housing all the videos (you can re-watch them whenever, wherever, and as often as you’d like to – the videos are yours indefinitely).
  • The knowledge, experience, instructions, tips, and tricks on sourdough baking that I’ve spent the last 9 years gathering (that way you won’t have to repeat my mistakes and you’ll be able to progress quicker).


  • Short and sweet guide on how to make your very first sourdough starter
  • 30% whole-wheat/spelt pizza dough recipe
  • Baker’s percentages for all math lovers and those who might grow into ones
  • Choosing the right ingredients for your sourtastic pizza
  • Sourtastic pizza baking schedules for the workweek and the weekend
  • Homemade tomato sauce recipe