The Sourtastic Mini Scoring Knife


A wonderfully crafted tool that belongs in every SourdoughManiac’s kitchen or bakery.

Here are Its Outstanding Characteristics:

  • it has an adjustable blade length,
  • the blade can be safely stored within the handle,
  • the blade can be switched out without additional tools,
  • it is perfect for cutting and scoring dough,
  • it can be hung up in the kitchen by the little hole in the handle – that way you’ll never lose sight of it
  • the scoring knife is developed, designed, and hand-crafted in Slovenia (Europe) using Slovenian wood.




Meet the Sourtastic Mini Scoring Knife, the tool that will make scoring and decorating your bread much easier and safer than using a regular razor blade.

“When developing the Sourtastic Mini Scoring Knife, I asked myself what I was missing while using other scoring tools available on the market and incorporated that into my design. As its name suggests, the Sourtastic Mini Scoring Knife is quite small, so it allows me to get close to the dough and gives me lots of control over my designs.

It is almost like I’m holding the blade between my fingertips, but the handle makes the scoring process much safer than only using an ordinary razor blade. 

It was also important to me that I could switch blades and adjust the length of the blade without requiring any additional tools.

And after I’m done scoring, I can simply hide the blade within the handle and make the knife safe to store in any drawer or cupboard. Or I can hang it up somewhere I can see it so that I don’t misplace it, thanks to the little hole in its handle. I love that feature, as I find the knife’s design so beautiful that I like to use it as a kitchen accessory when I’m not using it.”

– Anita Šumer, creative mind behind sourdoughmania

The knife is used for scoring and decorating sourdough bread. If you want to learn all about decorating you dough, you must enrolle to my Bread Art Course.

To clean the knife after use, rinse it with lukewarm water without any cleaning agents and pat it dry with a clean cloth. Do not leave the knife soaking in water or put it in the dishwasher. It’s not fond of it.

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